Bird Control to Deter Roosting in Ringwood

There are many ways in which birds cause issues for both homeowners and businesses. Whether a pigeon is cooing all night or the fowling is giving rise to other pest infestation, we have the bird control and deterrent service for you. Based in Ringwood, Hampshire, the team at Ringwood Pest Control has carried out work at a number of locations, including listed buildings and heritage sites.

Roosting Pigeons

One of the most common issues we encounter is trying to prevent pigeons from roosting at commercial premises. We are expert pest controllers who are fully trained in pigeon proofing and netting, and regularly use netting spikes and electronic track systems to prevent nesting in commercial buildings.

Assessing the Problem

When a customer has requested our bird control, we will visit their property to carry out a complete assessment and identify the work that is required. Once this has been completed, our team will provide an estimate specifically for the job. We have vast experience in the control and prevention of birds, and utilise this knowledge to offer free, expert advice.

Control Methods

Every individual situation is unique, meaning that a particular type of deterrent will offer the best solution. In order to cater for the variety of situations we encounter, we offer an array of products, including electronic track systems, netting, and spikes. The electronic tracking systems offer an alternative for customers who do not wish to use netting or spikes.

Call us, in Ringwood, Hampshire, to enquire further about our bird control and deterrents.

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