Rodent Control (Rats Mice & Squirrels) Based Companies

Rodents can present a serious risk to health, wealth and property.

The health risk is directly associated with the diseases that rats and mice carry.

These diseases can range from causing sickness and diarrhoea to (in the worst instance) resulting in a fatality.

The risk to wealth is associated with the damage that rodents can cause to your reputation (especially food premises). 

RODENT CONTROL based in Hampshire 

There is also the risk of closure through prosecution by enforcement of regulations food standards, safety and hygiene by the relevant local authority.The risk to property is from the damage that rodents cause by chewing, this can be structural, flooding and at worse fire by chewing electric cables.

We can resolve these infestations for you competently, safely and efficiently, as we are approved to use the latest professional use only rodenticides. Squirrels may be fascinating to watch outside however once inside a property they can cause serious and unlimited damage, both to home and building contentsand the buildings structural soundness. As with other rodents the risk of fire is ever present, it is for these reasons control can be necessary. Within this area of work we always endeavor to use the most humane methods available, and with the least risk.